Brand new image

The word “brand” itself was first applied by cowboys in the Wild West who would stamp their cows in order to distinguish them from other cows in the prairie. It was not my intention to make a comparison between the firm […]

Are you still in love with social networks?

Generation X had MySpace and HI5 but millennials take over control of communications, media, and digital technologies and opened gates to social networks popularity. Do you put yourself in the category of people who are thinking of deleting personal profiles from […]

Which super powers do you have?

Newspapers, radio, TV, Internet. The choice is huge. Which promotion channel would you choose to launch your new product and get noticed in an overloaded market? Overwhelmed with information, companies always find an unobtrusive way to send their message. Today, most […]

Can anyone be an artist today?

If you recently had the opportunity to visit a gallery or museum, you might have noticed how much art differed from traditional formats and techniques that once adorned the walls of these institutions. Many affiliated artists who today exhibit world-famous […]