Which super powers do you have?

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Newspapers, radio, TV, Internet. The choice is huge. Which promotion channel would you choose to launch your new product and get noticed in an overloaded market? Overwhelmed with information, companies always find an unobtrusive way to send their message. Today, most products on the market are not sold, but they are buying and companies are looking for channels that are reaching the customer. Instead of the seller at your the front door, you will meet various leaflets and promotional catalogs in the mailboxes, finishing their short career, scattered in the corridor or, in the recycle bin.

The label “We do not accept commercials” has only apparently forbidden the entrance to these large supermarkets and shops in private and business premises, since brands already impressed the consumer consciousness. We like to think that we are Gods of our decisions. But, experts say that the decision to buy is already pre-determined. Communication technology widely uses software and psychology to get into consumers head.

It’s easy when your brand takes first place in the market, second or third. Every other position is a constant struggle. So, we need to brainstorm and establish your unique promotional offer. We need to ask. If you did not know it, it is not enough to have the best and the best quality product, the best price, the best distribution network and the ultimate promotion. The most important is how much and what your product knows about and the average consumer (your target group) thinks on the street. This parameter determines your future success.

If you are running a small business, maybe is much easier for you to define that unique selling proposition by yourself. This proposition is like a gesture made for special persons, for some especially special people. Needs to have two or three words, written in handwriting and wrapped simply. Because less is more.