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serbia translationHypermedia provides professional translation services from/to English. A good interpretation is characterized by linguistic and stylish touch, not just by grammatically correct text. When you take care of your professional impression, you will never experience a situation like “Lost in Translation” with a foreign market and you will hire a professional philologist. Thanks to your requests, we have been able to expand our knowledge and we are pleased to write and translate texts from all major areas such as literature, marketing, electrical engineering, construction, economics, medicine and pharmacy, catering, lifestyle and many others.

Nada is a graduate professor of English and German. In our team, she is definitely responsible for the field of foreign languages, and also for the best coffee, which keeps us awake all night. Apart from having a vast life and professional experience as a professor, she has also been accomplished in the field of translation. Translations of biographies of three greatest scientists, Serbs – the greats of the world science, The Pearls of Serbia as well as VMA – Military Medical Academy are the editions that she is most proud of. Nada is very communicative and easy going person. You will always receive advice and explanation from an expert. On the other hand, she is very accurate and strict about her work and that’s why our clients admire her work. With her in the team, quality translations are guaranteed, the texts are reviewed and she always meets deadlines.

Be sure that you are just at a click from a professional translation.