Are you still in love with social networks?

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Generation X had MySpace and HI5 but millennials take over control of communications, media, and digital technologies and opened gates to social networks popularity. Do you put yourself in the category of people who are thinking of deleting personal profiles from social networks, to “take off” from Twitter or Facebook or you are selfie lover and are more fun of Instagram or Tinder? Have you expanded your circle of friends across them or did you successfully connect with people with whom you could cooperate and improved your business? 

By opening profiles on social networks, you have agreed to share privacy with potential employers, as well as with unknown curious people. Initially, opening profiles eg. on Facebook meant agreeing to a certain amount of exhibitionism, all for the sake of exalting idea of connecting and finding friends all over the world. It was  described as “the social good that connects you with people around you.” Thanks to this wonderful idea, all our submitted data has become theirs. We assume that you have read disclaimers and all that is written in small letters about privacy. Everything that’s online stays online. As an adult, you’re responsible if you say “I do”,  so read carefully and don’t be surprised if you agreed on a thoughtless wedding in Las Vegas.

British sociologist William Davis explains how Facebook has moved away from the original idea. He says Facebook has promised to advertisers in Australia that they will directly associate them with anxiety teenagers because they are more receptive to the impact of advertisements. This sensitive undefined category of young people will be voters tomorrow so it will turn into real political battles at some point. Digital marketing wizards are trying hard to keep these categories of users interested in all possible means by inviting them to participate and share content of specific groups. Video clips, commercials or games are being developed with one aim: to grab your attention and to direct you to the choices.

Targeting is the starting point for designing each campaign. Facebook offers you advertisements and content based on an analysis of your clicks, age, country of origin. You only need to belong to a particular category. Marketers who do their job well and run campaigns will let you think about buying phenomenal camping equipment, currently, on the sale, even you do not need at all. So, instead of the social networking through a device,  try to split a cup of coffee with someone in person. And be happy to pay this coffee with a cash or card, because the real net currency is the attention, and the success is defined only by the number of “followers”.